A Kind of Magic

Greetings Dear Reader,

I was born an immortal prince on the realm of Thales. I lived the life of grandeur, revered and respected, but my one true love was fighting. I was given a special gift in my battle abilities and soon became known as Thales’ finest warrior. But all that changed the day my brother died and an evil descended upon my realm. With Thales on the verge of ruin, I bound myself to The Shields to protect the realms from the evil that ravages them. But I have a dark secret that I must atone for. Then and only then can I return to Thales and face my family. My special battle skills and my immortality help to keep my goals in front of me. They have always been clear…

Until Elle.

Elle makes me long for things I cannot have. Her innate goodness makes me want to grasp what she offers with both hands, but I know that we can never have what she seeks. Elle bears a mark that signals her one of a chosen few who were sent to Earth as infants. She and the others who bear the mark must be found and kept hidden from the ancient evil that seeks them, for they hold the key to the evil’s ruination.

The only way to keep Elle safe is to keep her by my side, but can I resist the temptation to take her love?

Roderick of Thales

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ISBN-13: 978-0988208421

Ebook, Trade Paperback, Audio

The Shields #2

March 22, 2012 Rerelease


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