Cover Reveal for next Dragon King book!

Posted Feb 9 2017, 1:13 pm

I’ve been holding onto this pretty for weeks, waiting until the cover reveal happened. Thankfully, I can now show off the cover for HEAT (DK #12) out October 3, 2017!!




23 responses to “Cover Reveal for next Dragon King book!”

  1. Linda D Heath says:

    I’m so excited, can’t wait. Discovered Donna Grant books 3 months. Can’t get enough. Excellent cover, my imagination already taking off.👍

  2. I AM SO EXCITED!! Please tell me Heat is Con and Rhi’s book?? 🙂

  3. Marie says:

    I love this cover!

  4. Yolaanda says:

    Can you give us just a hint of who the two main characters are? Please!

  5. Mirela says:

    When will story come about Con and Rhi?

  6. Lorinda says:

    Will Rhi get back together with her dragon king? (I don’t think he deserves her but I do want to know his name and reasons.) Will she get together with the reappear?

  7. Lorinda says:

    Will the dragon kings and mates be able to have children? I know ot is listed often no live births but that was before modern medicine.

  8. Lorinda says:

    Some of the dragons spoken about are as small as house cats. Does this mean that there Dragon King also that small?

  9. Ashley Diane Bassoco says:

    Trying to figure out rhi’s dragon king is killing me!

  10. Lorinda says:

    Will the dragons ever be accepted by the human race in your world so that the Kings can fly without restrictions? Will the other dragons return? (I am not sure this would be possible in real life but anything is possible in fiction.)

  11. Lorinda says:

    If the dragons ever did return would the mates be able to communicate with their King’s dragons?

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