Midnight’s Kiss

Dr. Veronica Reid is a world-renowned archeologist whose Druid abilities help her to unearth ancient magical items. The arrival of the all-too-attractive and charismatic Arran MacCarrick puts her on the defensive when he begins to question how she really finds her artifacts…until an unknown foe attacks and Ronnie discovers that Arran has a secret as great as her own. Together, they unleash an all-consuming passion that won’t be denied…

Immortal Warrior Arran is on a mission to find the spell to bind the god within him. But one look at the impossibly beautiful Ronnie and he knows there is more to her than meets the eye. With danger lurking around every corner and an undeniable hunger that grows with every kiss, Arran must reveal who he is to keep Ronnie from his nemesis. Now he is left with no choice but to fight—or fall—for the woman he loves…


This book will be released as 4 weekly e-serials.

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Part II
Part III
Part IV

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Midnight Kiss

ISBN-10: 1250017262

ISBN-13: 978-1250017260

Mass Market Paperback, ebook, audio

Dark Warriors #5

June 4, 2013


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