Seized By Passion

Forced to take drastic measures to keep his people from dying out, Achates risks his life to save a woman only to learn she’s the one deemed strong enough to rule with him by Poseidon himself.

It isn’t just her mind – but her body – Achates stirs when Livia wakes in his arms.  She’s unsure of her place in this new world she learns is the home she was stolen from. It’s with Achates strong heart, gentle hands, and trust that she begins to understand what her true role is.  But will it be in time to stop the destruction of their world?

**Note: This is a re-issue of MESMERIZED retitled to fit the WICKED TREASURES series. If you have MESMERIZED this is the same book!**

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Wicked Treasures Box Set

August 15, 2013
Enticed By Ecstasy
Wicked Treasures #2
August 13, 2012
Captured By Desire
Wicked Treasures #3
August 13, 2012
Seized By Passion
Wicked Treasures #1
August 13, 2012 Re-Release, Retitled


ISBN-10: 098537134X

ISBN-13: 978-0985371340

Ebook, Audio

Wicked Treasures #1

August 13, 2012 Re-Release, Retitled


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