Sisters of Magic Boxed Set

Feb 15 2012, 6:00 am

Today is the official release day for the SoM Boxed set!

If you haven’t bought the Sisters of Magic series, this is the perfect opportunity to pick up all three books in just one click – and for a cheaper price than buying them individually!

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Boxed set of all three Sisters of Magic novels featuring the mysterious witches:

Serena is a witch, cursed and forever alone. She accepts her future. Until she meets Drogan. With Drogan a passion deep and unyielding awakens inside her. She is willing to sacrifice herself for his love, but can he put his past to rest and embrace the future?

Adrianna knows what her future holds for her as a witch – loneliness and heartache. She has accepted that. Until she discovers Grayson near death in the forest. Saving him is her only choice, and even as she falls deeper into the attraction surrounding them, can her magic be enough to stop Fate or the evil that awaits them.

A loner, Cade takes what the land provides and vows to keep the two men he thought of as brothers alive from the great evil after them. He knows his time is short and the evil is looking for him, but there is just enough humanity left in him to aid his friends. When the flame-haired witch finds him, Cade is instantly spellbound by her beauty. He can either forget her – or give in to the reckless, impossible love that could destroy her…

Here’s the stunning wallpapers for Drogan, Grayson, and Cade by the amazing Rasit Ra!


3 Responses to “Sisters of Magic Boxed Set”

  1. Mannouchka says:

    Dear Donna
    I just finished Shadow magic I really like well written nice action
    I wish a great continuation in your writing and wish you a wonderful week-end

  2. Denise says:

    Loved this series! Having a welsh Mom and husband I feel the celtic blood calling me1 My grandad was Scottish so I love to read of that race.
    These witches were such strong women, and the men who fought for them, wow!!!!

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