Feb 13 2012, 6:00 am

One of my favorite shows on TV is Supernatural.  I remember watching it from the very first episode back in 2005.  I remember it vividly because of two reasons. 

1) My family was staying in my brother’s beach house because Hurricane Rita had destroyed a portion of our home.  And 2) because it scared the Hell out of me.  lol

I don’t like anything scary, so I don’t know why I watched it – alone – that night since my hubby was away on business.  I spent half the show with my hands over my eyes, and the other half ogling Dean Winchester.  From the get go I favored him, and its never changed.  What makes Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Sam (Jared Padalecki) even better, is that both are Texans like me. :D

Since that first episode, there have been discussions on who is the hotter brother.  It’s not just Dean’s hotness I love, its his wisecracking, his smile, and the way his face can convey thousands of different emotions with one look.  

Supernatural  has been on long enough that many of my 13 yo daughter’s friends are watching it.  My daughter at first liked Sam, but she’s since changed her mind while all her friends have still stuck with Sam.  lol

I love hearing who people like better. :)

When Castiel joined the cast, it didn’t take long for people to begin saying they liked him almost as much – some said even more! – than Sam or Dean.  I liked Cas’ character, but never understood what people saw in him.  Until I found this…

Wow.  Now, I get it. 

Still, my favorite will always be Dean. :)

So how about you?  Are you a Sam, Dean, or Cas fan?

14 Responses to “Supernatural”

  1. Denise Scar says:

    OMG, I love Supernatural and watched Padalecki (Dean) on Gilmore Girls and thought it weird that they named his brother Dean on supernatural. But Dean fits Supernatural but was weird in the beginning hearing Padalecki be called Sam. Other than that, It’s the best show ever and love the Rock…

  2. Angela says:

    I am Sammy girl! This show is one of my favorites. I actually have my husband watching it now!

  3. Lili says:

    I, too, have been hooked on Supernatural since it began. While I love Sam, Dean has always been my favorite (might be something to do with having watched him grow up on Days of Our Lives, when I still watched soaps, lol), I love Cas as well, or did, until season 6, when he became an idiot and we lost him to the dark side (no cookies, though, for poor Cas). That’s a darn good photo of him, Donna, thank you for it!

    Dean, Sam and Cas, the stuff that dreams are made of–but especially Dean

  4. Cherise says:

    I adore Sam, of course, but compared to Dean? Dean is so damn sexy, brave and funny! My type of guy! Yummy!

  5. Sebrina says:

    I was way behind the ball on this show. Never started watching it until I saw the seasons were more than half off normal price on Black Friday. I ended up buying 6 seasons. My 6 year old daughter and I began watching them, finally, just this year and we’re now on Season 3.
    The comments my daughter, Bella, comes up with when it comes to ‘Dean’ is simply crazy. Bella, “Mom, look at his lips. Look at his eyes, I love his hair, wait go back a little bit….ok pause it”… goes on and on. But I’ll also say that although ‘Sam’ is pretty darn amazing, I’m coo-coo for ‘Dean’. The man is just all sorts of sexy bad ass, and I cannot get enough.
    I agree with you too, about his facial expressions letting you know his exact feelings, and his crooked smile!
    Each night we watch a couple episodes. Can’t wait for tonight! LOL
    Thanks for the pix, they were verra nice

  6. Mary Preston says:

    I’m a big fan of SUPERNATURAL & I love all three, but given me an Angel as gorgeous as Castiel & I’m lost.

  7. Chelsea B. says:

    Oh, sigh. I love this show. I go back and forth from Dean to Sam– for shame on me, I know! I think Cas is absolutely adorable. I wish they would bring him back!

  8. Wow, Misha what a scandalous picture. skank

  9. suzanna curtis says:

    im a dean girl allways will be my bad boy that needs a godd spanking xx

  10. abbey endres says:

    dean!!!! dean!!!! dean!!!!!
    i know there is a pretty big age difference between us but he is so amazing, alongside his personality, his music choice is amazing and he is just so hot! his body is tooooooo yum :) hahaha i love himxx

  11. Alexandra says:

    I love all 3 boys,but I’m definatelly a Dean girl. I just love him! Like you said,he cam expres a thousand words with only one look,with only one smile. He’s adorable,he knows it better. xD

  12. nrrrdygrrrl says:

    The image of Dean reading belongs to Thalassa ( and the image of Misha Collins belings to Pakost ( Would you mind crediting them?

  13. zinmarrio says:

    i like dean!!

  14. Zazoo says:

    My all time favorite show since year one.
    In fact, it was being cancelled and there was an uproar from all it’s fans, myself included, who sent a petition, (10,000 sigs I believe the number may have been)
    Sometimes the networks do take notice.
    Sadly They didn’t for Moonlight which I really enjoyed but stupid tv big shots cancelled that

    But I digress

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