Rainbow of colors

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I asked on my Facebook page about colors for covers, and I found it so interesting.  So, I thought I’d bring the question here.

What colors do you not like/hate to see on covers?

What colors do you like to see on covers?

For me this is difficult.  It depends on so many factors – title, genre, time period, etc…  There are some covers that I look at and think, its okay, but had it been different it might have done ever better.

Then, there are covers that people are still talking about.  One is the lovely Karen Marie Moning’s Highlander series – all of them. :)  I mean, have you looked at the covers?  Everything a woman wants to see in a Highlander – well, almost everything.  lol

Orange isn’t one of my favorite colors, but on this cover, it works  well.  Though, I have to admit, I think just about any color would work when you have muscles like that. ;)

The point is to get people to notice the books, especially when they’re on the shelves in a bookstore.  Hard to pick just one.  I remember clearly when I learned WICKED HIGHLANDER was going to be purple.

Purple!  I so wanted it changed, but I was assured that readers gravitated to purple.  I didn’t really believe them.  Until I saw my first royalty statement.  Um…yeah, purple sells.  And sells *really* well.  Who knew?!


Forever Mine

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I’m very pleased to announce that my novella FOREVER MINE is now available as a $0.99 ebook!

This store was featured in the print (and ebook) edition of THE MAMMOTH BOOK OF SCOTTISH ROMANCE which features 23 short stories from Scottish romance authors.

I was very excited to participate in the anthology, but for those of you who haven’t read the anthology, then now is the perfect time to read my novella. :)

A Highlander bent on revenge…
Braden MacAlister only has vengeance on his mind.  It has consumed him since the murder of his family.  His every thought, every action is in bringing down the man responsible.  Until he lays eyes on Jean

A lass who dared to challenge her heart…
Jean MacKay’s entire existence is turned upside down when her clan is invaded by Niall MacDougall and he takes her prisoner. Yet, everything changes when Niall and his men are surrounded by The Ghost.

A union of two hearts…
Whispers of Braden MacAlister run rampant through the Highlands, but it isn’t until Jean sees the imposing warrior for herself that she realizes he is the answer to all their prayers. Jean defies everything to stand next to Braden and the love developing between them. But will it be enough to put an end to Niall once and for all?

Click Here to read an excerpt

To buy the ebook: Nook | Kindle | Smashwords

New Look

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Hello, all!

It’s been awhile since I blogged because it seems that when I added my forum on my website that it prevented me from using my old blog.  So, not it just sits there.

However, since I’m doing an cool contest with the amazing Lisa Renee Jones, I had to have a blog.  Usher in this one.  :)

What do you think?  I’m liking the layout that my old blog didn’t have because I couldn’t update it.

So much going on this week.  Not only do I have copy edits for DARKEST HIGHLANDER, I’m also re-releasing the novella from The Mammoth Book of Scottish Romance – FOREVER MINE – tomorrow!

As exciting as that is, its nothing compared to knowing that this week, my awesome publisher, St. Martin’s Press, is doing a photo shoot for the cover of Ian’s book – MIDNIGHT’S LOVER (July 2012).

Oh, how I wish I could be there. I had to give descriptions of the heroine and hero, as well as what I wanted them wearing. Talk about exciting!  I can’t wait to see the finished product!!!



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