Thank you!

Dec 22 2012, 7:23 am

Thank you everyone for helping me make my 2nd annual 12 “Dark” Days of Christmas a success! I hope y’all have enjoyed seeing the gifts as much I enjoyed picking them out and giving them away. :) I’ve got some fabulous ideas for next year already!

All the winners have been drawn, so please take a moment to go in and see if its you!

10 Responses to “Thank you!”

  1. Cynthia (aka) Artemis says:

    No, THANK YOU! For your generosity! A very Merry Christmas to you and a prosperous New Year!

  2. Shannon Bereza says:

    Thanks Donna for all the giveaways. It was fun taking part every day.

  3. Colleen C. says:

    Congrats to all of the winners!
    Thanks for the chances to win such wonderful prizes and for sharing.
    Happy Holidays! :D

  4. Carol L says:

    Thank you Donna for what you put into this giveaway to mae it so amazing. Happy Holidays.
    Carol L

  5. Candace Cathey says:

    Thank you Donna for caring for your fans!! And congrats to all the winners!! Looking forward to next year.. :-)

  6. Ginger Robertson says:

    Congratulations to all winners. And thank you Donna for generosity.

  7. Michelle Pare says:

    Thank you. Happy holidays :+)

  8. Jeannie Platt says:

    Thank you donna was blessed to be part of this great giveaway again this year… Can’t wait to see what next year is going to bring… BIg Hugs and Merry Christmas.

  9. Stephanie D says:

    Thank you!! You rock!!

  10. Wendy Grezenski says:

    Congratulations for all the winners. These prizes are truly a treasure and thank you Donna for great giveaways, so generous.

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