Winners from Lisa & Donna’s Contest

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First, I want to give a huge *THANK YOU* to everyone who helped Lisa and I with this contest.  I know some of the contests were easy, and some we made you work for. :)

I hope everyone had fun in the process, because y’all really helped us get the word out about our books.

All the winners are listed separately in each blog, but I wanted one master list.  If your name is here, I need you to email me by Monday in order to claim your prize or I will choose someone else.

And the winners are…

  • Contest 1 for $10 Amazon gift card – Kristin
  • Contest 2 for a free ebook – Hilleary
  • Contest 3 for a product from my store – Wendy
  • Contest 4 for $10 Amazon gift card – June
  • Contest 5 for ARC of DARKEST HIGHLANDERKelly
  • Contest 6 for $10 Amazon gift card – Lorie
  • Contest 7 for a free ebook – Fedora
  • Contest 8 to have a character named in one of my future books – Shell

Thank you all once again.  This contest couldn’t have been a success without you.

If you didn’t win with this contest, don’t fear.  I’ve got more releases coming very soon, so stay tuned!

8 Responses to “Winners from Lisa & Donna’s Contest”

  1. Michelle McMichael says:

    Congratulations to everyone who won! Enjoy your prizes :)

  2. Cathy Runke says:

    Congrats all.

  3. Larena Hubble says:

    congrats to the winners. :-)

  4. June M. says:

    Oh Thank you. Emailing you now!

  5. Jillis says:

    Well done mates!! <3

  6. highlandlove says:

    Congrats to all the winners great contests Lisa and Donna, you both did an awesome job!!!!

  7. Fedora says:

    Thanks so much, Donna! Will be e-mailing soon :)

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