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Dark Kings

Dragon Kings


book Dark Craving (0.1).
King of Emeralds
power: sleep gas
tattoo: head of dragon starting at left shoulder with tail stopping at right hip bone
mated to Cassie Hunter


book Night’s Awakening (0.2)
King of Reds
power: erases memories
tattoo: dragon on back. Wings spread across shoulder (tip to tip) with tail wrapping around front to stop at his left hip bone. Head comes over right shoulder to breath fire across chest.
mated to Elena Griffin


book Dawn’s Desire (0.3)
King of Blues
power: Hallucinations
tattoo: two dragons intertwined on his chest
mated to Jane Holden


book Darkest Flame (1) – Keeper of History
King of Bronzes
power: finding metal
tattoo: head of dragon is on his left chest, mouth open. Wings are spread wide cover his front and extending to his left arm. The body of the dragon is on his left front and side with its tail stopping on his left thigh
mated to Denae Lacroix (MI5 agent)


book Fire Rising (2) 
King of Ambers
power: get into someone’s mind
tattoo: dragon on front of chest, wings wide and tail wrapping around his left side to his back.
mated to Samantha (Sammi) Miller, sister to Jane


book Burning Desire (3)
King of Burnt Oranges
power: freeze
tattoo: dragon on front of chest as if he’s climbing; head of dragon on neck
mated to Shara (Light Fae)


book Hot Blooded (4)
King of Blacks
power: paralyzing gas
tattoo: dragon on back. Head on his left shoulder, standing on hind legs (not rearing), semi open wings toward right shoulder blade with tail winding down to stop at his left buttocks
mated to Iona Campbell


book Night’s Blaze (5)
King of Yellows
power: call of the night/shadows
tattoo: head of dragon is on his right chest and tail goes over his left shoulder to wrap around his left arm to his elbow. Body of dragon on its side with wings tucked
mated to Lily Ross


book Soul Scorched (6)
King of Jades
power: protection
tattoo: dragon on the right side of the body from shoulder to hip. Mouth open in a roar, rearing, wings open and up
mated to Darcy Allen (Druid)


book Dragon King (6.5)
King of Turquoise
power: controls storms
tattoo: dragon on left leg, climbing with wings tucked. Head lifted and at his hip.
mated to Grace Clark


book Passion Ignite (7)
King of Clarets
power: sound manipulation
tattoo: dragon on chest – standing with wings open, mouth wide on a roar as head is turned to the side and lifted upward toward Thorn.
mated to Lexi Crawford


book Smoldering Hunger (8)
King of Purples
tattoo: dragon on back perched (almost climbing), looking over right shoulder. Wings semi-spread
mated to Dr. Sophie Martin


book Smoke and Fire (9)
King of Grays
power: weakness
tattoo: dragon wrapping entire torso counter-clockwise with head in center of chest (facing right) and wings open coming up to shoulder point on left side. Tail ending at right butt check
mated to Kinsey Burns


book Dragon Fever (9.5)
King of Hunter Greens
power: heals burns caused by dragon fire
tattoo: Dragon on entire left arm from wrist to shoulder. Tail ends at wrist extending along the arm to the elbow where the dragon is perched, claws in the skin and growling
mated to Rachel Marak


book Firestorm (10)
King of Whites
power: thought cancellation
tattoo: dragon draped along the back of his shoulders, head on left shoulder over his heart; tail along the top of his right arm ending aon the top of his hand – wings tucked
mated to Dr. Faith Reynolds


book Blaze (11)
King of Mochas
power: possession
tattoo: yin yang dragons on back
mated to Devon Abrams

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