Highland Fires


After being charged for the crime of murdering his father, Lugus, the rightful heir to the throne of the Fae, is tossed into a realm where no one ever survives.  But his hate gives him the strength.  It takes him centuries, but he claws his way out and only has revenge to fuel him. But when his plans nearly destroy earth as well as the Fae realm, Lugus is ready to give up his life.  But his brother banishes him from the Realm of the Fae for all eternity. Lugus' takes refuge on a small isle off the coast of Scotland, content to be alone.  Until a female Fae shows up, begging for his help to free her from the slave bracelet that keeps her on Earth.  He wants to refuse, but one look into her eyes, and Lugus finds himself saying yes.  He knows death awaits him if he steps into the Fae realm, but Ahryn's only chance at life is in his hands.