Highland Mist

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“You’re safe now,” he whispered and found himself lured by her parted lips and half-closed lids. The sound of a lute reached him, the music sensual and romantic as it floated on the night’s breeze.

A longing filled him to taste the nectar from her mouth, to quench the thirst racking his body. He lowered his head until their lips were breaths apart. 

His eyes found hers. A part of him said to take her. She was his prisoner. 



Aye, she was his, and he knew she wouldn’t push him away. He saw the hunger burning just below the surface of her eyes. And words from his father he hadn’t recalled in years came to mind. 

“A Druid always knows his mate, lad. And even though ye aren’t destined to be a priest, the Druid blood courses through yer veins.”

Mate? Was something telling him Glenna was his mate? That couldn’t be. For if he kissed her, if he let himself feel anything, then he wouldn’t send her back to the MacNeil. And he wouldn’t have Iona returned.

He brushed aside a dark lock of hair. “I love your hair down. You look wild and untamed.”

“Yet I am anything but those two things.”

He smiled for he knew better. “You just don’t know it yet.”

* * * *


Moira turned and looked at Frang when he approached. The elder Druid chuckled when he spied what she looked at.

“It seems Glenna and Conall will find their love on their own.”

“He’s fighting it,” Moira said and turned back to the couple.

“She’ll help him see the way.”

Moira nodded and continued to watch as Conall helped Glenna to her feet. “We could release him from his vow to us.”

“What? And make it easy? You know Aimery wouldn’t like that at all.”

She sighed loudly. “I’m not sure I can do this, Frang. I’m not as strong as you think I am.”

He patted her shoulder and gave her a fatherly smile. “Aimery wouldn’t have given you such a task if he didn’t think you could accomplish it. Have faith in yourself, lass.”

“I feel something in the air.”

Frang chuckled, his long, gray beard moving in the breeze. “‘Tis desire.

“Nay. Something else. Something that shouldn’t be.”

Frang stilled and raised his face to the moon. “Aye, you have the right of it. We’ll have to keep a close eye on Glenna and Conall. So much rides on them.”

Moira took one last look at the couple before she followed Frang back into the stone circle. Her back tingled along her spine, and that meant there was great evil, greater than MacNeil, who was out to destroy their plans. But who?


* * * *


The shadow moved deeper into the woods. He would have to be careful. Frang and Moira had almost seen him. He hadn’t expected to find them spying on Glenna and Conall as well, but it proved just how much was at stake within the Druids. 

He laughed softly and quietly made his way to the castle. He had plans of his own, and with the help of a certain lass it would be carried out swiftly.

Then he could have Moira. Frang was old, too old to stop him from getting what he wanted. He had waited long enough, and been denied too many times. 

It was his time now. No more waiting.